Dr. Ruchi Dana was Invited to VC panel discussion at Intercon 2019, Grand Hyatt, Dubai

October 2019

Dr Ruchi Dana, Board Member, Dana Group of Companies was invited to moderate a VC panel discussion titled “Growth and expansion of Angel investing” at the Intercon 2019 conference, Grand Hyatt, 14th-16th October 2019.

InterCon is a preeminent international technology conference and is attended by the distinguished members of information technology, consumer technology, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and e-commerce. Other panelists were Anvita Varshney, Marta Paiar and Mike Jenkins. Come of the discussions were : in the context of trade wars and a slowdown in the global economy, what types of startups will still be likely to get investments and which not? Will investments in startups continue? Will it be harder and harder for startups to find financing in a slowing global economy?

By uniting tech enthusiasts from 45+ countries, InterCon brings together the leaders in technology who are willing to discover the newest advancements, learn from industry experts, and network. Our past events are known for bridging the gap between the latest technological developments and its application in real life to offer long-term solutions for complex business problems.



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