Group Chairman Dr B.S. Dana honored at the 5th Annual Forbes Top Indian Leaders In the Middle East Awards

May 2017

May 2017 – It is indeed an honor for all of us @danagroups to be recognized at the Forbes Middle East Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World event held at the Westin, Dubai on 10th May 2017.

At the event, Dr Dana was recognized for his impressive personality and achievements over the past years. Also, some key Second Generation Entrepreneurs were recognized at the event, including Dr Ankur Dana and Dr Ruchi Dana. Dr Ruchi Dana was also invited to be part of an interactive panel discussion discussing the challenges and opportunities offered to Second Generation Entrepreneurs. The panel was moderated by Mr Gaurav Tandan, and the panelists were Dr Ruchi Dana, CEO, Dana Mart Hypermarket and Mr Adel Sajan, Director Danube Group from the Second Generation and Mr Yogesh Mehta from Petrochem Middle East, Mr Ram Buxani from ITL Group and Mr Bharat Bhatia, Conares Steel.

We are extremely proud to announce that Dana Group MD and Chairman, Dr B. S. Dana has been recognized as one of the Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World 2017 by the FORBES Magazine. Forbes List is very well known source for industry rankings around the world and Dr Dana is honored to be on the Forbes Top Indian Leader in the Arab world 2017! Dr B.S. Dana is featured in the 2017 May edition of Forbes Middle East Magazine. The Second Generation Enterpreneurs Dr Ankur Dana and Dr Ruchi Dana are also featured in the same edition.

Here’s the link to the rankings :

Forbes 2017 ranking:

Forbes 2016 ranking:

While we are extremely excited about this achievement, we wanted to step back for a moment and take this opportunity to thank all our staff, clients and suppliers for your extended help and cooperation over the past years. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without your undying support and partnership. The recognition awarded to Dr B.S Dana  at the ceremony has inspired us a lot to furthering our activities and expanding our horizons at Dana Group. We shall be looking forward for your support over the years to come to help Dana Group attain even more heights and we would love to strengthen our bond with you, to be your partners in Success.


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